Embedding ECOSMART into our Products

Our ECOSMART vision–to be a sustainable company by advancing global stewardship across the entire value chain–includes sustainable considerations for our products. ECOSMART is helping us form a new product design process to assist in reducing the environmental impacts of our products without compromising quality and value.

Developing ECOSMART Guidance for Products

The launch of ECOSMART accelerated efforts focused on our products. At Stanley Black & Decker, we define sustainable products as those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare and the environment over their full life cycle. In 2014, we began with broad product design considerations of sustainable attributes, such as durability, noise reduction and improved recyclability.


Lawn Mower Exchange Program for 2014

In 2014, we partnered with the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California, the Bay Area Quality Management District of San Francisco and the Denver Regional Air Quality Council to host nine separate events encouraging local residents to trade in their gas powered lawn mowers for cordless battery powered mowers. Changing the fuel source from gasoline reduces the amount of CO2 emissions as well as the noise levels generated during mowing. Over 2,600 gas powered lawn mowers were traded in for one of three BLACK+DECKER cordless mowers, with the old mowers being recycled.

Rightsizing Packaging

In 2014, our MAC Tools Columbus, Ohio Distribution Center partnered with Packsize LLC to implement an ECOSMART packaging system. Together we implemented an in-line carton manufacturing process to make the optimal shipping carton to fit the order size, eliminating the need for a range of shipping cartons and unnecessary void space. The project has delivered significant savings, 20 percent annually, through improved material usage.

STANLEY Oil & Gas – ECOSMART Innovation

STANLEY Oil & Gas is a world-leading supplier of specialized tools, equipment and services for the construction of oil and natural gas transmission pipelines. In 2014, this business introduced three process improvements with pronounced sustainable benefits: SABRE, RAPTOR and HYDRA.

SABRE Abrasive Blast system encloses the pipeline blasting process within a cabinet design, enabling the system to retain close to 100 percent of the grit used in the process, reducing waste. The cabinet design also reduces the noise pollution from approximately 110dB to 87dB.

RAPTOR improves the traditional powder application process. Using automation and a new nozzle spray system, RAPTOR provides a consistent quality powder application which enables a consistent coating thickness with less waste.

HYDRA revolutionizes the quenching process with an enclosed cooling system that uses nozzles to create a mist of cooling water, eliminating the generation of standing water waste. Water used in quenching is recycled and cooled in an external bath.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening – Neobolt: Eliminating Metal Waste

In 2014, our POP Avdel business introduced the NeoBolt Lockbolt Fastener System. This non-break stem lockbolt fastening system is designed for heavy duty structural applications and industries including rail, mining, construction, commercial vehicles and alternative energy applications. Unlike standard lockbolt fasteners, there is no pin break; this results in a major reduction in metal waste, reduced noise, no installation shock and no risk of pin tails being dropped into the application or work area. The added advantages extend to the application tools where no shock load results in extended tool life and reduced operator fatigue. In addition, the NeoBolt Lockbolt Fastener System offers the environmental benefit of using less raw materials and less energy throughout manufacturing, shipping and storage.